We introduce TPC is what is actually applied to any procedure.

・Surface treatment (polishing)

The original condition of the body are not good, it makes no sense how much high-performance coatings. In addition, they also halved effect and durability of the coating.Surface preparation is a very important task. Better assess the condition of the car, we'll pull out the body to remove dirt and scratches, and iron powder, shining beautifully.

The surface treatment of TPC has also another important role. Base treatment agent is used that is optimized assuming the application of the TPC. It differs from the typical, this base treatment agent components are blended special silica, this component is mapped to the surface to be coated. Using the property of adhesion between the silica of the same nature with each other strongly, Special silica mapped and silica component of the TPC has been integrated, the coating is stronger.

car wash



Rubbed by hand respectfully to each panel for each TPC. It may take 18-24 hours of time in the drying and curing, lay the whole day under a controlled environment. Then, proceed to the final finish, we will be delivered.


・In addition to the car body painted

TPC is also applicable to plastic parts and headlight, highly effective.
To plastic parts, such as a mall that is likely to deteriorate the effect of anti-white and gloss restoration, has the effect of preventing the headlights fade.

In addition to the car body painted

・Caring After you have applied TPC

The body becomes a stain-resistant by TPC, I do not mean not at all dirty.
But, dirt can be removed with just a simple wash.
Care is unnecessary, such as wax.