TPC WINDOW COAT - Have you ever been scared in a sudden downpour while driving?
It is not unusual to encounter heavy rain, such as guerrilla, in recent years such opportunities.
Poor visibility while driving, leading to the risk of an accident immediately.
The offer can not be secured only by the wiper “safe and comfortable vision” is TPC WINDOW COAT.

The Power Of Fluorine

TPC(TECHNO PRO COAT) form a fluorine resin layer by strong chemical bonds with the alkyl silane naphtha fluoride glass at the timing of Application.

・Because drug chemical reaction instantly, you can work in a short time.
・Because it is disposable items went into a special container, easy to work and I just wipe the liquid paint.
・Effect lasting about six months. Raindrop is a flop and polka dots, I'll slide down the surface of the window. Also, if it is running, it will blown away by wind.
・Good visibility without glare. Also, there is no wiper chatter and squeal almost.

Water-repellent coating agent window because the item is directly linked to "safe", you should choose a solid performance.
Excellent water repellency and durability, TPC WINDOW COAT, but you can be sure that consent can not be satisfied with the product so far.。



Wash to clean the dirt of the window glass to be dried completely.



Squeeze the upper and lower parts of the wings of this product, so you can hear cracked sound, and divide the internal capsule.
Exuded liquid came to the felt surface, up, down, left, or right to move this product, I spread evenly across the window. Smeared on one range This product, per one, can apply one front window & two side windows.



When you have finished painting the entire glass, before drying the coating solution, wipe with a clean towel immediately.
Construction is complete only this.