TPC (Techno Pro Coat) is a method for forming a coating film on the surface of the vitreous body strong. "Thickness, high hardness and high adhesion" high Features of the film.

Film thickness as high as 3-4 microns thick and high hardness corresponding to 6H about pencil hardness, cut off a powerful dirt to try to adhere to the body, coating the glass and prevents scratches occuring at car wash.
Achieve this thick film, not in the glass coating, glossy shine, I efface cover the fine scratches that were in the original body.

This film, in close contact with the painted surface strongly, and is without any deterioration or peeling, imdicates "antifouling" "luster" "scratch-resistant", protect the paint surface for a long period of time.keep its ability over a long period of time.

When you apply TPC …
1. Excellent gloss, eliminating the need for maintenance, such as wax.
2. Form a hard surface body resistant to scratches as small scratches when car is washed.
3. For excellent antifouling, reducing the number of car wash, it will save time and resources.
4. For durable, long-lasting effect of these.

TPC, which is recommended for those who want to cherish and preserve beautiful car, Besides, it is also recommended if such vehicles and work vehicles where there is no time every day, and not spend time on maintenance too. In addition to automobiles, personal watercraft(JET SKI etc), motorbike, scooters can also be applied.