There are a variety of coating techniques to protect the body of the vehicle. As the name suggests, in which the surface of the car covered with a glass membrane, "glass coating" Among others, has received much attention in recent years from its excellent performance. This film is a mineral glass, with little degradation over time is a characteristic. Long period of time that will prevent dirt adhering to the body. It is a method of coating a very high degree of perfection in terms of protecting the body. However, since one micron (very thin), and the film thickness does not have the ability to produce luster and shine to itself. In addition, TPC is not possible to cover minor scratches on the body already.

The advantages of glass coating is maintained as much as possible, TPC (Techno Pro Coat) was also pursue performance of "shine" further. It is the next-generation coating was achieved at a high level meet elements are required for coating, in a wide range of user needs.